Shower & Bath Aids

Maintain patient or personal safety and stability in bathrooms by adding nonskid mats, grab bars and other shower and bath aids to the room. Raised toilet seats and toilet rails provide personal security. Ensure shower safety with items such as handheld shower heads or shower chairs.

Enhanced Stability
Nonskid bath mats grip shower and bath floors firmly with suction cups to prevent slips and falls, and antifungal treatments incorporated into the mats' material add an extra level of security. Add straight or curved grab bars in the shower or bath to provide extra stability when a patient is standing on a wet surface, and most bars allow you to affix them to either vertical or horizontal surfaces. Bathtub safety rails come with secure clamps that are designed to prevent damage to tub surfaces.

Safe Seating Options
Toilet safety rails come in adjustable heights, with comfortable, secure grips to help with the task of raising and lowering the body. Raised toilet seats allow for personal positioning without having to strain unsteady limbs. They're designed to fit on standard toilets, and many come with built-in safety rails for extra convenience. Shower chairs with and without backs are valuable for patients who are unable to stand in the shower or lower themselves into a bathtub.

Practical Convenience
Choose from a wide selection of towels to assist with patient or personal care during showering and bathing. Handheld shower heads can be attached to existing shower heads for safe and convenient showering while seated, and many models are latex-free to avoid allergic reactions. To make patient care even easier, choose from a wide selection of patient lift and transfer products that provide mobility and safety while moving patients from room to room.