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Step Stools
Step stools make you stand taller, so you can easily reach cupboards, attic spaces, sinks and other areas of the home, school or office. Staples has Simplify stools to meet your needs.

Choosing the Right Step Stools for Home, Work or School
Choosing the right step stool starts with knowing what functions it has to complete. If the stool needs to fit around a toilet to give a child a boost, then a plastic contoured model may be a practical choice. If the stool needs to support a utility bar and attachments, then an aluminum version provides a better shape and stronger features. For bedrooms and open spaces in the home, wooden stools with hand rails provide needed height without standing out or looking garish.

Benefits of Step Stools and the Different Materials Used to Make Them
Traditional stools support up to 200 pounds, while heavy-duty units support up to 300 pounds. Step stools made from aluminum bend under pressure and return to their shape when the weight is released. Plastic stools wipe clean and may be sanitized; they don't rust or corrode. Leave a plastic stool next to a sink or a toilet or in a shower for extra support and know it resists water damage. Stronger than sheet metal, fiberglass step stools provide extra support and come in many shapes; the fiberglass molds easily, too. Wooden stools look attractive and match a range of home decors. They can be stained in any color or painted to complement a room's color palette.
What Features Do Step Stools Have?
A variety of features make step stools good for work or home; some models collapse, so you can fold them and easily pack them away. Some have handles that make them easy to carry. Stools with designs look different from one another, which is good if multiple students have to share a certain stool or if there are a number of residents or children who have their own separate units.

Is There a Difference Between a Step Stool and a Step Ladder?
Step stools and ladders have differences. Step ladders may be up to 20 feet in length, while stools are 4 feet tall or shorter. Step ladders have rungs, whereas step stools have steps that support the entire foot.

Can You Stand On the Top Step of a Step Stool?
Step stools with multiple steps provide support on all steps equally. You stand on the top step of a stool to reach the full height it provides. Unlike with a step ladder, it's safe to climb to the top of the step stool. Putting weight on the top will not affect the stool's balance. While step ladders have four legs, they stand in a V formation, making them likely to become unbalanced if you stand too high or too far to one side or the other. Step stools stand on four legs equally spaced, similar to the shape of a staircase. The stool provides equal support at all angles.

For work, school or home, Staples has Simplify stools that help you reach what you need.
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