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Weller 40-Watt Soldering Station (WLC100)
Item #2088266
Model #CTOWLC100
  • Variable power control produces 5W–40W
  • On/off switch with power-on indicator light
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Weller® Copper Standard Soldering Tip, 2.57 in (L), 0.22 in (ID)
Item #710489
Model #185-7250W
  • Tip type: Standard
  • Tip size: 0.22-inch
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Highside Chemicals Solderlene, 4oz(30004)
Item #24329440
Model #HIG30004
  • Soldering paste for use with low & mid temperatures
  • Both lead & lead-free applications
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2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch
Item #24284165
Model #DML200001
  • Integrated ignition trigger provides easy startup, no independent ignition tool required
  • Safety lock prevents accidental ignition
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Weller® 25 W Marksman Lighted Solder Iron Kit, Red/Black
Item #203406
  • 25 W
  • Spare MT2 and MT3/3 mm tips
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Master® Appliance Butane Refill Canister, 15/16 oz.
Item #712465
Model #467-10448
  • Triple-refined formula reduces clogging of filters
  • Special vapor pressure promotes consistent ignition
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Weller 6 Watt & 8 Watt Pro Series Battery Solder Iron (CTOBP865MP)
Item #200774
Model #CTOBP865MP
  • 6 and 8 Watt
  • Maximum temperature: +400 deg C
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Weller Ml500mp Mini Butane Soldering Iron
Item #23980715
Model #CTOML500MP
  • For use in soldering, heat-shrink tubing & electronics
  • Adjustable gas-flow valve controls temperature range
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Weller Wp35 35-watt Professional Soldering Iron
Item #23980805
Model #CTOWP35
  • Ideal for a wide variety of electronic tasks
  • Uses ST series long-life, double-coated, iron-plated tips
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Weller Wps18mp High-performance Soldering Iron
Item #23980801
  • Heats up to working temperature in 35 sec
  • Patented design provides performance equivalent to a 60W iron
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Soldering guns and irons enable you to connect pieces of metal by melting a filler metal into the joints. Staples supplies soldering guns for large projects and soldering irons for smaller jobs. Both guns and irons have temperature controls, so you can work the metal with precision.

Convenient Operation
Soldering irons come in a cordless version that allows you to work on projects without worrying about staying close to a power outlet. Using a pair of welding goggles to protect your eyes is a good idea when you're using a soldering iron or a gun.

Easy Portability
Soldering guns and irons can be purchased in a complete portable toolkit that includes everything you need to complete a job. The toolkit case is custom designed to hold your gun or iron and the most common accessories.

Useful Versatility
With replacement soldering tips of different sizes, your soldering guns and irons can handle a variety of tasks. Keep a selection of tips on hand in your soldering toolkit to tackle any metalworking job.