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Sports & Handheld GPS

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Track distance, time, pace, or heart-rate-based calorie consumption with a Garmin Forerunner GPS Sport Watch from our selection. With features for outdoor and indoor training, water resistance, and compatibility with Garmin Connect, this GPS helps you increase your training performance in no time.

Record Time, Distance, and Pace to Track Your Performance
Worn just like a standard wristwatch, the Garmin Forerunner GPS Sport Watch will accurately record time, distance, and pace during your running, swimming, walking, or cycling session, helping you track your current performance with automatic alerts upon completion of each mile. With data of your personal records stored on internal memory, Sports & Handheld GPS devices help you keep pushing for your personal best.

Optimize Your Training for Maximum Efficiency
Garmin Forerunner GPS Sport Watches can store training data for up to 1000 laps. Analyze your past sessions through Garmin Connect, and optimize plans for your future training with the help of features such as a virtual pacer, run/walk feature, foot pod option, and interval training. In addition, you can create race plans against your personal records or even share your past and future training plans with your peers online.

Convenient Handheld GPS Systems Can Go Anywhere with You
Garmin Forerunner GPS Sport Watches provide a convenient Global Positioning System solution for any moving sport, while rechargeable lithium-ion batteries make them ideal for long-term use. They are small in size (2.7""H x 1.8""W x 0.6""D) with a convenient weight (1.8 oz.), so they are not a burden during your training session. Some models also feature a barometric altimeter and/or water resistance, making them suitable not only for running and walking, but also for swimming or cycling.