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Custom StampCustom Stamp
Item #202217
Model #micro104
  • Pre-Inked Stamps create crisp, clean impressions every time, ideal for logos.
  • Self-Inking Stamps are ideal for rapid stamping without re-inking each time.
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The Best Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads

Staples carries 2 Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads with an average rating of 3.7 stars. That makes it difficult to choose the right Staples Stamps & Stamp Pad for school, business, or any other need. So to help we created a list of the top Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads available at Staples. This list is ranked by customer ratings and reviews and products range in price from $13.99 to $17.99:

Least Expensive Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads?

Everyone in school, business, or an office has a budget, so price is often the deciding factor when choosing Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads and other office supplies. That’s why we compiled a list of the least expensive Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads we carry at Staples. The Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads in the list below range in price from $13.99 to $17.99. Start with the most discounted at the top to save the most:

Most Popular Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads

If you know Staples is the brand of file folder you want, the next step is to choose the right Staples Stamps & Stamp Pad. At Staples our products receive tons of reviews, and Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads have over 6 of them. So check out what other discerning customers have to say with the most reviewed Staples Stamps & Stamp Pads:

  • Custom Stamp - 6 reviewers give it an average of 3.7 stars rating