Suncana® Pour Over Pod Brewer, Black

Suncana® Pour Over Pod Brewer, Black

Item #: 179601 | Model #: RDX088100
Suncana® Pour Over Pod Brewer, Black
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Product ID: 179601
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Product details
Innovative extraction system brings out the full range of the coffee or tea for a perfectly balanced cup.

Suncana® Pour over pod brewer in black color with a stylish LCD display for quick/easy operation provides preferred strength/volume control. Brewer with instant heat boiler for fast recovery for next cup has 2 pod holders to prevent flavor transfer.

  • Brew 5 to 12 ounces of coffee or tea to preferred strength by changing the volume setting
  • Patented pod drawer works with a wide variety of pods, allowing you to choose your favorite coffee or tea
  • Stainless steel pod tray provides exceptional consistency when brewing 8g, 10g, 12g coffee or tea pods
  • Stylish LCD display for quick and easy-to-use
  • Two pod holders prevents flavor transfer
  • Instant heat boiler, fast recovery for next cup
  • Patented brewing systems enhances the coffee extraction

Versatile Brew Options
This Suncana pod coffee maker is easy to adjust to your unique preferences. If you're a java lover, you can increase the machine's brew strength to suit your taste buds. If you prefer a mild cup of tea, on the other hand, you can reduce the brew strength. Set your serving size from a 5-ounce cup to a 12-ounce mug and enjoy a fresh beverage on the spot.

A World of Pod-Based Flavors
Open up a new world of flavor with this Suncana pod coffee maker. Because of their convenient single-serve capacity, pods offer you the chance to become a beverage connoisseur. Countless types of tea, coffee, and other drinks are available in pod form—and this brewer can handle an array of 8- to12-gram packs.

Professional-Quality Construction
Suncana pod coffee makers are made to last in busy offices as well as bustling homes. Unlike other single-serve machines, this gadget has a maximum 5-cup capacity and a super-fast boiler for quick recovery between beverages. A chic LCD screen makes the brewer even easier to use.