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Supermicro® SNK-P0048AP4 2U Active CPU Heatsink For Intel UP, DP and MP Systems
Item #IM1PG9627
Model #SNK-P0048AP4
  • Internal form factor
  • C32 LGA1207 socket
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Supermicro® SNK-P0046P Processor Heatsink
Out of Stock
Item #IM1CT9108
Model #SNK-P0046P
  • Form factor: 1U passive, UP
  • LGA 1156 socket

Supermicro Fans & Cooling Kit FAQs

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Below you’ll find questions about top rated products, popular products, and the best deals Staples has on Supermicro Fans & Cooling Kits. We’ve pulled together ratings, reviews, and deal information to help you filter through our inventory and find the right Supermicro Fans & Cooling Kit at the best price anywhere.

What Supermicro Fans & Cooling Kit costs the least on