TEMPUS Flat-Panel Plastic Black Radio-Controlled Wall Clock, Plastic 12"(TC6007RC)

Item #: 1945344 | Model #: TC6007RC

About this product

Radio Controlled wall clock

The contemporary and stylish 12 inch wall clock will be a welcome addition to any room in your home or office. The "atomic" or radio-controlled movement receives a time signal broadcast by the U.S. government and synchronizes the hands to automatically adjust to the correct time. The clock will even adjust for daylight saving time. It features a black textured plastic frame and clear protective lens. The flat profile design protects against dust and debris.

  • Black plastic frame with protective lens
  • White face with easy-to-read Arabic numbers
  • Radio-controlled movement automatically sets clock hands to ensure accuracy.
  • Uses one AA battery, not included
  • 6 month limited warranty