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Dream Vision Virtual Reality Headset with Retractable EarbudsDream Vision Virtual Reality Headset with Retractable Earbuds
32% off
Out of Stock
Item #2431122
Model #4586ST
  • Built in Earbuds
  • Extra Cushioning Comfort for prolonged wear
Reg.  $12.49
Dream Vision VR Pro, BlackDream Vision VR Pro, Black
88% off
Out of Stock
Item #2723659
Model #4657
  • MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN - 3-in-1, Virtual Reality Headset, and Retractable Ear Buds and Microphone for Phone Calls, it connects to your smartphone AUX jack, and it has a Built-in Control Pad for answering calls, Navigate Media, and control volume, the Dream Vision Pro VR is compatible with android or mac apps.
  • POWER & PORTABILITY: For portable entertainment the Tzumi VR Pro works on the Battery of your phone, no need for other power source. This Amazing Fun Headset works with your Smartphone for full Independence and mobility.
Reg.  $24.99
Out of Stock
Item #IM13AW896
  • No Wires! No Phones! Just All-In-One VR
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
Lenovo Explorer Virtual Reality Headset with Controllers Portable 2880 x 1440 HDMI, Iron Gray (12911295)
Out of Stock
Item #24324109
Model #12911295
  • Stylish headset for Windows Mixed Reality
  • Easy to set up, compatible with modern PCs
Retrak Utopia Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth RemoteRetrak Utopia Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote
Out of Stock
Item #2496191
Model #ETVRC
  • Ultra-compatible, works with virtually all smartphones
  • Lightweight and portable design for use on-the-go
Retrak Utopia 360° Virtual Reality HeadsetRetrak Utopia 360° Virtual Reality Headset
Out of Stock
Item #2496192
Model #ETVR
  • Full 360 experience for seamless vision from any angle
  • Ultra-compatible, works with virtually all smartphones
Retrak Utopia 360° Virtual Reality Headset, Small
Out of Stock
Item #2496190
  • Full 360 experience for seamless vision from any angle
  • Ultra-compatible, works with virtually all smartphones
Enjoy playing video games in virtual reality by choosing high-end and affordable VR headsets from Staples. The brand selection includes names like Retrak, Ingram, and Lenovo, so there are options for everyone. Individuals can play with a 360-degree vision angle, which elevates video games. With no unnecessary wiring in most of these models, users can transform themselves into another dimension visually. The simplistic plug-and-play design makes virtual reality headsets ideal for players of different ages.

Versatile features of VR headsets
Several VR headsets from reputable brands come with retractable earbuds and a microphone for convenient calls. These gaming devices are compatible with modern computers and smartphones, depending on the model. Cushioning on the headset makes for comfortable wear during long gaming sessions. The lightweight form of headsets is convenient, ensuring optimal comfort during gaming, and making them portable. Some models include a controller, which elevates gaming experiences. A practical sliding cover for virtual reality applications is available in some headsets. With the form-fit design, these electronic gadgets are customizable to fit on heads of varying proportions. Ventilation on select headsets prevents sweating during intense game battles or racing.

Technical aspects of virtual reality headsets
The Lucidview lens system in select gaming devices minimizes eye strain throughout hours of gameplay. Most of the VR headsets are compatible with Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems. Control pads for answering phone calls are also available to make communication convenient. Energy-efficient headsets are an option as they use the battery from smartphones, so there's no need for an electrical source. Heavy-duty central processing unit (CPU) specifications reduce glitches while playing games, providing smooth gameplay for gaming fans. The interactive eye-tracking improves the user experience, which makes tasks easier. In terms of video resolution, the final effect depends on the source of the video or a particular video game. The 3G high-speed performance can handle any game specifications and video requirements with consistency and reliability.

Can individuals play videos on VR headsets?
Several models support video display, which makes for an exciting viewing session with a surround sound design. Young ones can enjoy cartoons in a virtual reality, which offers a colorful palette and realistic movements.

What about VR apps?
VR-compatible apps such as YouTube, Google Cardboard, and Seene are easy to download on smartphones. Users can enjoy entertainment clips, make graffiti, or watch the news using these and other popular apps. Many of these apps are free on Google Store and other app providers so that anyone can take advantage of them.

What are a few convenient attributes of some VR headsets?
Some gaming devices come with a pouch, which is ideal for storing a smartphone while using an app or playing a game. Bluetooth connectivity is available in some models to make the controller functional during fast-paced games. Use the control volume mid-game to change from low or high volumes swiftly. Capacitive touch technology ensures optimal app compatibility throughout frequent use without any issues. Retractable focal length makes adjustments intuitive so that users can enjoy a clear view. Dual adjustable focus and interpupillary distance are just a couple of additional features on high-end electronic products in the collection.