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VR headsets bring a new dimension to gaming and videos, immersing players in the scenery and making them part of the experience. They work with smart devices and computers and easily fit over the wearer's head with top and side straps to keep it stable. Virtual reality headsets are suitable for users of all ages and come with a wide array of features for increased versatility. Shoppers can find many brands such as Pyle, Samsung and EVO.

Do Even More with Advanced Features
VR headsets offer 360-degree views with the incorporation of optical technology lenses and technology that promotes interactive eye tracking. Some have a pouch to slide in your smartphone, while others have clips that hold the device in place. Adjustable straps improve overall comfort, particularly for those who wear the headset for extended periods of time.

Select models come with a wireless remote for added control with specified smartphones. A slide-out compartment makes it easy to attach a headset or charge the unit even while you're wearing it for built-in convenience and 3D video playback adds dimension.

Add More Fun to the Gaming Experience with Apps
Most virtual reality headsets connect to a computer, smart device or both, but many work with apps that you can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store, giving you a wide selection of entertainment choices. Download apps like Netflix and Hulu and watch your favorite television series in a new way, or bring a classic game to life in a way you've never experienced before. Console gamers can also purchase special headsets for Xbox or PlayStation devices.

Are VR Headsets Compatible with all Devices?
No, while many offer compatibility with both Android and Apple devices, some like the Samsung Gear VR, only work with specific brands and phone models. Others work solely with computers and select gaming consoles. Before you purchase a headset, be sure to review the specs to ensure it will work with your device.

Do Virtual Reality Headsets Work with Bluetooth Technology?
Most devices do work with Bluetooth, offering added control when it comes to the viewing and playing experience. You can use the technology to attach a wireless headset and microphone or to integrate a remote control that comes with specific models, allowing you to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward shows. Not all have the capability, but those that do let users do even more.

What is Interactive Eye Tracking?
Interactive eye tracking is a special software that uses an integrated infrared sensor. It's designed to improve the overall realism users experience while wearing a headset, whether they're playing games or watching movies. It adds viewing depth as the sensor can track exactly what a person is looking at, honing in on the focus while still enabling peripheral view just like everyday life.

With many styles and features to choose from, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality games and television in no time. Shop Staples to find the best VR headsets for your needs.

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