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Boost your height and reach the items you need with step stools by Werner and other brands at Staples.

Using the Right Step Stool
The right stool for your needs varies depending on the circumstance; use one-step stools to give an older child a boost to reach the kitchen cabinets, or use a two-step molded model to help a child learn to use the toilet. Adults easily reach pantry items or attic spaces with a two-step stool made of metal. Choose a no-slip model to prevent unnecessary falls.

Materials Used to Create Step Stools
Step stool materials include metal, plastic, fiberglass and wood. Metal stools provide durable support, while wooden stools look attractive and match bedroom furniture or bathroom designs. Plastic stools designed with molding fit a variety of spaces and wipe down easier than wood or metal designs, making them good for bathrooms and kitchens. Fiberglass stools provided added durability. Stronger than metal and resistant to sound, heat and cold, fiberglass may be used in varied environments.

Which Features of Step Stools Are Most Important?
An anti-slip design makes falls less likely when using the stool. The extra grip prevents slipping if water or liquids get on the step stool, which could make it slick. Each stool has a different type of design, so if you want to have more balance, find a stool with larger platform steps and a bar to hold. Plastic stools conform to the shape of certain areas of the home, including around toilets or in corners, making them good for smaller, compact spaces. Wooden stools look natural in a bedroom or out in a kitchen or living room if they have to be present every day. Foldable step stools pack away when they won't be needed, so they stay out of sight and prevent clutter in tight spaces.

Is There a Difference Between Step Stools and Step Ladders?
Yes. Several differences exist including the fact that step stools don't use rungs, while step ladders do. Step stools have flat platform-like stairs, but step ladders have smaller rungs that don't support the entire foot. Step ladders may be up to 20 feet tall, while step stools generally stay under 4 feet in length.

Can You Stand on the Top Step of a Step Stool or Top Rung of a Ladder?
Step ladders have three rungs at the top that can't be used for safety reasons, while the top step of a step stool can be used to reach items. The reason step ladders have rungs that can't be used comes from the fact that a person leaning over the ladder could cause it to become unbalanced, resulting in a fall. The top three steps and top platform of the ladder aren't designed to be used; they support the shape of the ladder and provide a location to place tools or other items. On the other hand, step stools support the full weight of a person on every step. Most are no more than four steps high, so the risk of a serious fall is lessened. In addition, stools may have supportive handholds, while ladders do not.

Whether it's for work or to reach high kitchen cabinets, Staples has the Werner stools you need to reach what you need.
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