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Wear winter hoods and balaclavas with your standard uniform or your outdoor-appropriate clothing to protect your head from bad weather. Winter head protection from Anchor Brand and Ergodyne keeps wind, snow and rain off your head. Choose hoods in bright colors for extra visibility in dim conditions.

Comfortable Fit
Winter hoods and balaclavas made of cotton or polyester offer a reliable fit that ensures head comfort when you're wearing outdoor gear for long periods of time. Models designed for use with a hard hat deliver a tight fit to prevent bunching under your helmet, while universal sizing makes it simple to outfit your entire workforce with protective head coverings. Soft interior linings gently cushion your head while they're worn.

Comprehensive Coverage
Look for winter hoods and balaclavas that stretch down to cover your neck and include full neck flaps to shut out stray breezes and snow on cold days, or opt for models with face warmers that protect chins and cheeks from frostbite. Stocking your workplace with cartons containing multiple identical hoods ensures that you always have them available for employees who need them. Keep a selection of winter hoods or balaclavas in a storeroom or near the door along with a variety of raincoats and rainwear to provide a full selection of protective outdoor wear.

Protective Materials
Winter hoods and balaclavas made using specific materials keep you safe and comfortable in extreme conditions. Flame-resistant polyester protects you from fire and sparks while also keeping your head warm, and heavy-duty thermal sheep liners offer extra insulation against extremely cold temperatures.

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