Women's Activewear

Forget uniforms made of scratchy, expensive materials—outfit your workers in comfortable clothing from top brands. Women's activewear is perfect for restaurant servers, bartenders, and other employees who need casual outfits. Alternately, make extra money selling activewear at your fitness studio.

Easy Care
Women's pants and T-shirts made from soft cotton don't require dry-cleaning, making them ideal for busy employees on the go. Make wrinkles a thing of the past with clothing made from easy-care fabrics in a variety of colors. Activewear makes an ideal choice for after-work trips to the gym, casual days, and afternoon golf meetings.

If you provide a uniform allowance for employees, buying pieces made of durable fabrics helps control costs and ensures your company gets the biggest bang for its buck. Employees who have to pay for their own uniforms are sure to appreciate the opportunity to buy durable clothing instead of pieces that fall apart after a few months.

Coordinated Outfits
Matching outfits make it easier for customers to identify employees, especially in crowded environments. Create coordinated outfits by purchasing clothing, socks, and women's shoes to match your company's color scheme. Tops are available in sizes S to XXL, making it easy to accommodate employees with varying body types.

Revenue Stream
Create an extra revenue stream by purchasing women's activewear and selling it at your gym, yoga studio, or personal training business. Made from flexible fabrics, each item gives the wearer freedom of movement to perform complex poses. Customize women's clothing with your logo, or purchase plain shirts and allow customers to add their own personal touches.