Xerox Copy Machines

Xerox copy machine toner cartridges and inks offer the highest quality prints as do most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. Xerox formulates toner and ink to integrate with its companion products. The result is a clean, consistent print. Manufactured for home and business, Xerox copy machine ink and toner is reliable, delivering professional-looking documents, graphics, and photos. Check out Xerox paper and all-in-one printers and copiers to enhance printing needs.

Xerox products offer good quality
Xerox copy machine toner cartridges supply high yields and good quality. Genuine Xerox copy machine ink and toner may deliver 27 percent more ink than generic cartridges. Additionally, each page prints using Xerox technology, ensuring crisp text and images. Low quality disrupts the workday and wastes materials while the user tries to achieve suitable images. Aftermarket ink and cartridges, unless purchased from reputable sellers such as Staples, may use lower quality ink. Xerox cartridges prolong the life of a toner drum, increasing the page yield and reducing expenses.

Various page yields
Xerox offers several types of page yield in Xerox copy machine ink and toner. Economical-yield is suitable for the home or small business office with small printing needs. Standard-yield gives home and small businesses the opportunity to print up to 1,500 pages at a low price. High-yield cartridges print up to 3,000 pages while maintaining Xerox quality. A standard drum prints up to 10,000 pages. Color toners offer up to 16,000 copies. Choosing the right yield for home or business saves downtime and maintains quality. Consider using a refill kit to maintain high-yield counts.

Are Xerox copy machine toner cartridges recyclable?
Xerox cartridges and inks are safe and nontoxic, which makes them ideal for recycling. The company recycles more than one million pounds of products each year.

Why are there four separate color cartridges?
Separate color cartridges allow for continuous, vibrant color. All-in-one cartridges let the printer run out of one or more colors of ink without notice. The result is a document missing one or more colors. The user must buy another cartridge, even if the other inks go unused. Partial cartridges are not usable unless the missing colors aren't needed. Separate cartridges provide consistent color while helping prevent waste.

Does Xerox offer remanufactured toners and inks?
Remanufactured cartridges are less expensive than new cartridges. The page yield is slightly less, but the price difference is a benefit to home users and small businesses. All remanufactured items meet strict Xerox quality guidelines. Refill kits are also available.

What's the difference between a copier and an all-in-one printer?
A copier is a traditional copy machine. Copiers are often used by small to medium-size businesses that need extra features like collating, duplex printing, scanning, high-speed copying, and more. An all-in-one printer can print, scan, copy, and fax on a smaller scale. All-in-one units save space while offering multiple features suited for the home, school, or small business office. Both types of machines have wireless capabilities. Check out Xerox WorkCentre and DocuColor systems for copier options.