Xerox Printers

Browse the wide selection of Xerox® printers available on Staples® to find the right model for your home or office. As a brand responsible for a number of printer technologies, Xerox has extensive experience offering high-quality office printing solutions. Xerox offers its personal and business printers in multiple sizes.

Pick From Different Types of Xerox Printers
First decide between monochrome and color printers. A monochrome model only prints in black and white. It costs less to run this type of office printer since it does not require color ink cartridges or toners. Choose a black-and-white printer if you mostly print text documents. Pick a color model if you regularly print pages with graphics. You should also consider printing technologies when picking an office printer. Xerox offers both inkjet and laser models. Laser printers enjoy faster print speeds than inkjet units. They also produce sharper black-and-white texts. Inkjets are better for printing color graphics and photos.

Choose Between Standalone and Multifunction Xerox Printers
A multifunction printer can copy, scan, and fax documents in addition to printing them. You can also send documents directly to email addresses from some Xerox all-in-one printers. These printers take up less floor space than having a separate printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine in your office. While a multifunction printer combines different essential office machines in one unit, it is not always the right choice. In a mid-sized or large office, a shared all-in-one printer may hold up print jobs while other users scan, copy, and fax documents with the machine. To avoid long queues and diminished productivity, it may be prudent to get a standalone printer.

What Key Features Should You Consider When Shopping for Xerox Printers?
Consider print speed, tray capacity, duplex printing, and monthly duty cycle. The speed of a printer is how many pages it can turn out per minute. Tray capacity is how many sheets you can load into it at once. Automatic duplex printing reduces running costs and saves time by making it possible to print on both sides of each sheet of paper. Duty cycle is the maximum number of pages the machine can print in a month. To avoid repeated and long downtimes as well as high repair fees, make sure your office print volume is less than this figure.

Are There Xerox Printers With LED Print Heads?
Yes. This brand makes LED printers. These are similar to laser printers but use LED for printing on paper and other media. They usually have faster turnarounds than laser units since they print and dry ink at the same time. LED printing machines are more durable and efficient because they have fewer mechanical parts. While a laser printer uses a revolving mirror and lenses to direct its beam, there are no moving parts in an LED print head.

Should You Consider Xerox Printers That Use Solid Ink?
Yes. Solid ink printers offer certain advantages over regular inkjet and laser units. Printing machines that use solid ink sticks in place of liquid ink or toner powder deliver better color prints. These units can also print on a wider selection of media besides paper. Unlike toners and cartridges, solid ink is nontoxic and does not dry out if the printer is unused for long periods.