Xerox Solid Ink Printers

The Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridges make use of solid ink technology rather than the much-used laser ink. Solid ink printers are famous for their size and the ability to fit in offices that have less space. They produce vivid and long-lasting prints without soaking the paper. Browse through the printer ink cartridges and tone finder page at Staples for a variety of Xerox solid ink printers that suit your needs.

Getting the best paper quality with the Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridge
In time, the use of alternative laser printing technology has seen the popularity of the solid ink printers decline. But they still produce a decent piece of print work. Solid ink printers ensure that the ink remains compact until the printing time. During the printing, the printer melts the ink and sprays it on the paper, and the ink freezes instantly because of the cooler paper surface.

This ability of the ink to freeze on paper prevents soaking, producing clear, well-fused, and long-lasting colors. This makes the printer usable on most quality papers. Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridges are cheaper and easy to use compared to the inkjet and laser printing alternatives.

Easy to use and environmentally friendly
The Xerox solid ink printers are easy to install and use. If you run out of ink in the middle of a job, you can refill without causing any mess. The ink does not soak on the paper hence saving on paper.

The solid ink cartridge does not have a plastic casing like those of toner cartridges, making it more ecologically sound. Additionally, the overall print waste is less compared to other types of printers. Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridges have three times fewer movable parts compared to other printers, which reduce chances of breaking.

Can you use any printing paper?
Yes, Xerox solid ink printer ink is ideal for use on any type of paper as it does not soak through. When the heated ink cools on the paper, it produces a long-lasting image with a waxy feel. Different Xerox solid ink printers can print different paper sizes giving designers untold flexibility.

Was the production of Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridge discontinued?
In 2000, Xerox bought the solid ink technology from Tektronix and went on to market it across the world. Later, Xerox discontinued the production of solid ink printers. It instead opted to concentrate on the Xerox VersaLink printers, which still had the benefits of the solid ink technology. It retained the vibrant color quality known with solid ink printers. Xerox also continued to support and supply the Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridges.

Why choose a Xerox solid ink printer toner cartridge?
The solid ink technology provides a solid output for those who rely on color printing. The final print is great for any presentation, making it ideal for graphic designers. However, you can also purchase a Xerox solid ink printer for home use if you print documents frequently.

The Xerox solid ink printers are popular with color printing but are equally good with black and white work. The black doesn't fade compared to other printers, making it ideal for jobs where the final results need to be legible for a long periods.