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Staples offers coffee enthusiasts everywhere a chance to learn more about their favorite brands, blends, and types using our new "Coffee Lover's Center!" From Keurig K-Cups to Espresso and everything in between, Staples has everything you want and need for your home or office.

Having coffee in-house is a benefit for any sized company; it eliminates downtime and improves productivity in the workplace. Drip and espresso coffee makers are easy to install and access in a breakroom or cafeteria, reducing the need to go offsite. Business owners and purchasing managers can shop a variety of grinds and beans to suit the tastes of their staff, as well as other accessories like coffee cups, coffee stirrers, and coffee filters

Choosing the Best Coffee Maker
Coffee makers come in several configurations from household and commercial drip brewers to K-Cup, vending and coffee roasters. For small offices, a regular household drip machine works well, but larger companies with dozens of employees can benefit from a commercial model that connects directly to a water supply and can brew several pots at once. Keurig K-Cup brewers make easy work of brewing individual cups of coffee in varying sizes with a simple pod that's easy to clean up afterward.

Many business environments install vending machines that offer a wide array of options including brew strength, sweetener and creamer level, as well as cup size. For those who like their coffee strong, espresso machines make a good addition alongside a regular coffee maker. Consider automatic machines or those that work with pods to pull a consistent shot each time -- making espresso by hand is a craft best left to baristas.

Distinguishing Between Types of Coffee
You can buy coffee and coffee beans in several formats including whole beans, grounds, pods or instant. Prepackaged coffee filters offer a blend of consistency and cleanup, providing an easy-to-use solution that doesn't involve measuring out grounds. If environmental impact is a concern, it's better to stick with beans and grounds. K-Cups are made of plastic and can add up to a significant amount of waste, but you can compost grounds and filter packs. Instant coffee doesn't require a machine because it dissolves in hot water.

In addition to a variety of formats, shoppers can also choose from several roast blends, flavors and boldness levels. Stock both regular and decaffeinated blends, with a few different strengths including mild, medium and dark roasts to offer something for everyone. Arabica coffee tends to be more flavorful and is the preference in most coffeehouses. Robusta tends to be more economical and has an earthier, lighter flavor profile. Both come in various roasts and blends.

What are Some Popular Brands of Coffee?
Shoppers can find a wide selection of brands, each with their own roasting methods and flavors. The most common include Dunkin' Donuts, Folgers, Maxwell House, Eight O'Clock, Starbucks, Donut Shop K-Cups and Green Mountain Coffee. Many offer single and bulk pa

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