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High-performance gaming laptops and desktop computers available at Staples make your PC gaming experience like no other. By rendering digital worlds in HD resolutions and high frame rates it will almost seem like you are inside the game. Take your game to the next level with Processors from Intel and AMD, and pair it with powerful GPUs from industry leaders like NVIDIA and AMD. Staples offers a vast assortment of gaming accessories from brands that gamers trust, like Razer, Logitech, and Corsair. Accessories for your gaming PC can give you a competitive advantage over other players especially when playing online multiplayer games. Staples? carries a wide selection of fully assembled systems, hardware components, and gaming peripherals required to maximize your PC gaming experience.

Choose Between Gaming Laptops and Desktops
A gaming laptop is a self-contained unit that offers portability, making it possible for users to play their favorite games wherever they go. While gaming desktop rigs are generally more powerful, gaming laptops are portable, so you can game anywhere with a solid internet connection. Additionally, many high-quality gaming laptops from top brands like MSI and Alienware offer an experience that's comparable to that of some gaming desktop computers.

Pick the Right Components for Your Gaming Computer
The three most important components to consider when comparing different gaming systems are processor, graphics card, and memory. The processor or CPU is responsible for most of the heavy lifting required for processing information. For a gaming laptop or desktop, the minimum requirements to look for in a processor are quad-core and a clock speed of 2.0GHz. High-performance models have CPUs with more cores and higher speeds. Some also allow overclocking so users can benefit from temporary bursts in clock speeds.

For smooth performance, it is best to pair a fast processor with lots of memory. The minimum RAM size to choose for gaming systems is 8GB. The GPU or graphics card is even more important than the processor in a gaming system. It is chiefly responsible for the look and feel of video games. A low-end video card can struggle when playing games at high resolutions and frame rates. To avoid input lags and dropped frames, pick a high-end GPU from top brands like NVIDIA and AMD with at least 2GB of video RAM.

Improve Game play With Essential PC Gaming Accessories
A large,widescreen monitor makes PC gaming more enjoyable by showing more details.Besides size, two other key factors to consider when shopping for a gaming monitor are resolution and refresh rate. The minimum resolution to look for is 1080p. Higher HD and 4K resolutions deliver sharper images and richer details while a refresh rate of 60Hz or higher makes game play smoother and more cinematic. To enjoy an immersive sound production that complements the stunning graphics of PC games, choose a headset that supports surround sound. This improves spatial orientation and makes it easier for gamers to accurately pinpoint the directions of sounds coming from the game. Gaming headsets should also have boom mics for in-game chat sessions. Select a lightweight pair with padded cups that are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Gaming keyboards and mice are also important accessories for PC gaming.These are sturdier and offer higher precision than regular ones. Choose a mechanical keyboard for a gaming desktop. This has an impressive tactile feedback that produces accurate keystrokes. Pair this with a mouse with a high and adjustable DPI (dots per inch). Gaming mice and keyboards usually have extra function keys and programmable buttons that help users complete complex commands with only a few clicks and keystrokes.

CompleteYour Setup With a Stylish Gaming Chair
An ergonomic chair that provides ample support is essential for staying comfortable during long sessions. Gaming chairs usually resemble racing seats with five-point bases and casters. Look for a well-padded model that offers lumbar support and different recline positions. Other convenient features include headrests and armrests. These support wrists, spines, and shoulders and encourage gamers to assume postures that relax their muscles and reduce fatigue.

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