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Zurn AquaSpec Pressure Compensating Aerator, 1.0 GPM Spray Flow (G63561)
Item #24404378
Model #G63561
  • 1.0 gpm pressure compensating male spray outlet
  • Housing size: 0.8" (13/16-27, male)
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Zurn AquaSense Hydroelectric Power Generator (P6900-GEN)
Item #24404414
Model #P6900-GEN
  • Hydroelectric power generator creates electrical energy and stores it in a rechargeable cell
  • 10+ years of backup battery life
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Zurn Faucet Plate (P6900-CP8)
Item #24404417
Model #P6900-CP8
  • Center set faucet plate
  • Dimensions: 8"W
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Zurn Connecting Wire (P6900-CWB)
Item #24404419
Model #P6900-CWB
  • Connecting wire to convert/connect a battery-operated sensor faucet to the P6000-HW6 power converter
  • Connecting wire is 84"L
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Zurn AquaSpec Vandal Proof Aerator, Male 0.35 GPM Spray Flow (G68014)
Item #24404367
Model #G68014
  • 0.35 GPM pressure-compensating vandal-resistant male spray outlet
  • Housing size: 0.8" (13/16-27, male)
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Delta Faucet Valve Cartridges (RP70538)
Item #24375122
Model #RP70538
  • Genuine Delta replacement part
  • Delta Limited Lifetime Warranty, 5-Year Commerical Warranty
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Delta Lever Handle Kit, Chrome, Porcelain (H712)
Item #24388401
Model #H712
  • Porcelain lever handle
  • Chrome finish
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Delta Faucet Valve Cartridges (RP47201)
Item #24375120
Model #RP47201
  • Use with Delta MultiChoice 17T series shower trims
  • Allows for separate volume and temperature control
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Zurn AquaSpec Vandal Proof Aerator, Female 0.35 GPM Spray Flow (G68015)
Item #24404370
Model #G68015
  • 0.35 gpm pressure compensating vandal-proof aerator
  • Housing size: 0.75" (0.75"-27, female)
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Delta Victorian Faucet Rough-In Valves (R10000-MFWS)
Item #24375118
Model #R10000-MFWS
  • MultiChoice® Universal valve body only
  • Accepts single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge
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Staples® offers all the faucet parts you need to maintain water flow in kitchens and bathrooms. The parts include exterior components like faucet handles and other accessories such as sprayers, hoses, and aerators. Interior components include faucet valves, cartridges, rough-in valves, and valves for flushing water. The faucet repair parts come from trusted names in plumbing fixtures, including Delta®, Zurn®, TOTO®, and Sloan®.

An Array of Handles as Faucet Parts
Many faucets have handles integrated with the faucet itself, particularly kitchen faucets, while more traditional setups have separate handles to operate cold and hot water flow, particularly in showers. Both styles are replaceable, and come with simple instructions for removing and replacing items like handle set screws, gaskets and washers, and O-rings.

Find a variety of style and function options in both kitchen and bathroom faucets. Bathroom faucet handles are available as pull levers, both side-to-side and up-and-down, as well as twist or turn cross-handles. They mount on the faucet deck itself as with sinks and Roman tubs, or on the wall surface as with showers and standard tubs. Some handles are simple screw-in knobs for easy repair. Handles come in myriad shapes and contours to complement the immense variety of contemporary, traditional, or retro profiles offered in the marketplace. The handles are available in chrome, polished, and brushed stainless steel, zinc, and Venetian bronze, including those with porcelain accents. Some come with red and blue caps for commercial purposes, signifying hot and cold faucets. Kitchen faucet parts are available in many of the same finishes, and offer Victorian, modern, and contemporary styles as well. Sink side sprayers and sprayer kits offer a functional touch.

Many Valves Are Available for Residential Faucet Repairs
Kitchen and bathroom sink faucets contain internal valves to control the flow and temperature of water. Look for cartridge and ceramic replacement valves, each with brass and hard-plastic internal components for corrosion resistance. Ceramic valves are normally repair parts for single-lever faucets. You’ll find cartridge valves for independent faucets that control the flow of hot and cold water with separate handles. They’re available in short- and long-version handles, with or without escutcheon plates.

A variety of rough-in valves are also available, for tub and shower pre-installations before the shower wall has a finished surface. Rough-in valves are normally pre-set for specific shower-faucet arrangements, many for single showerheads. Some rough-in valves offer the flexibility to renovate shower assemblies in different styles or for different IPS, PEX, or universal connections later on. These universal rough-ins let you upgrade without having to rip into the finished wall to redo the piping.

What Type of Valves Are Available as Commercial Faucet Parts?
Many public faucets in commercial establishments offer hands-free assemblies with water temperature adjusted automatically. Solenoid-activated hand sensor valves and thermostatic mixing valves are both available to maintain the automated functionality of the faucets. Flush valves and diaphragms are available for urinals.

Do Faucet Parts Include Accessories?
Several side-spray or vegetable-spray hoses and heads are available as repair parts for faucets. The hoses come in vinyl plastic for a combination of durability and flexibility, and include diverters, snap-on coupler units, and retaining clips. Single spray heads with embedded triggers for fingertip activation are available.

Are Replacement Aerators Available?
Yes. They’re used for building up and generating water pressure, regardless of the source of the water, as well as for providing the proper mix of water and air for a steady flow. Female-threaded aerators are available for faucets with external screw threads.