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Impulse sealers create quality seals on plastic packaging to ensure items remain in good condition for storage or transport. The sealers are also make work easier by quickly and efficiently sealing items like food, pills and vitamins, candy, spare parts, and mail. They are convenient because they are ready to go as soon as users switch them on, which leads to minimal energy consumption. Plastic bag sealers work on packing materials of various thicknesses. Choose from a variety of quality shipping, packing, and mailing supplies at Staples®.

Hand-Operated Impulse Sealers
Hand-operated bag sealers are highly portable and resemble large staplers. They are convenient for tabletop operations because they take up little space. Using them is straightforward with an easy-to-adjust temperature button for changing the heat according to the material users are sealing. These devices require two-handed operation where one hand lowers the sealing bar while the other feeds the bags.

Speed depends on the material of the bags. Hand-operated choices are ideal for low-volume projects like sealing mail bags for dispatch in midsized offices. It's also easy to create unique sealing patterns with these devices for a little creativity.

Foot-Operated Sealing Machines
For larger scale needs, consider freestanding machines operated using the feet. These feature foot pedestals for operation as well as adjustable work tables to accommodate different users. Their stands provide stability and elevation while their sturdy bases ensure balance during use.

Foot-operated machines are also easy to use and they have the sealing element on the upper jaw and rubber element on the lower jaw to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the element. The foot operation frees up both hands to feed the bags at a quicker rate. They are suitable for fusing many bags at a brisk rate.

Heating Elements for Hand/Foot Sealers
Heating elements come in service kits that also include PTFE glass cloth tape strings, which ensure strong seals. The heating elements come in various sizes compatible with the widths that each poly bag sealer supports ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

What Parts Are in Service Kits for Impulse Sealers?
Service kits are essential to replace consumable parts of the impulse sealers. These include two PTFE glass cloth tape strings for fusing and two wires that serve as the heating elements.

How Do Impulse Sealers Create Seals for Food Items?
Wide seals with thick wires create robust liquid-tight and airtight seals. For applications like food and drugs, consider those with flat wire heating elements measuring about 5 millimeters wide. Ones with narrower wires are suitable for items such as light spare parts.

What Are the Sealing Sizes of the Impulse Sealers?
Sealers come in various sizes and they can fuse bags spanning different widths in the range from 12 to 24 inches. They are suitable for numerous packaging needs, including single layer bags for regular use, and some work on multilayer bags, which perform well in freezing applications. The sealers can also fuse bags up to 6 mils thick (one mil is a thousandth of an inch), giving users the ability to create seals of different strength levels.

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