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NAHANCO Ladies' European Neck Block With Finial, Brushed Chrome
Item # : 216232
Model # : FSFSCFIN
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Ladies brushed chrome european neck block w/finial is designed exclusively for european style forms.
  • Brushed chrome, neck block
  • Add a touch of chic class to store front
Final price $70.99
NAHANCO Mens Rookwood Classic Neck Block, Mahogany
Out of stock
Item # : 216498
Model # : NB52M/NB51M
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men/women's Rookwood classic neck block is made from wood material in mahogany color.
  • Mahogany, neck block
  • For use on all classic style forms
Final price $16.99
7" Low Top Boot Shaper, Black
Out of stock
Item # : 216922
Model # : ZDB1240
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7" Low top boot shaper in black is convenient to insert and remove.
  • Black
  • Easy to insert and remove
Final price $7.79
Female Hip Torso, Milky White
Out of stock
Item # : 216581
Model # : PEFHIPMW
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Female hip torso are the latest trend in mannequin design which is unbreakable and is easy to dress.
  • Milky white
  • Meant to lower the retailer's cost it reduces damage and is easy to dress
Final price $77.99