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The Future of Dial–Up Internet Access Is Still Bright

A lot of people think that dial–up Internet access isn't long for this world. Given all the talk about high–speed connections, especially cable and DSL, this isn't surprising. At Staples, we believe in the usefulness of broadband Internet access, but we also offer dial–up access.

Sound low tech? Sound like the equivalent to some guy stubbornly hugging his eight–track? Not quite. According to some estimates, 55 percent of U.S. homes will still be dialing onto the Internet in 2004.1

Why dial-up connections shouldn't be dismissed

One reason for dial–up's longevity is that it's still the most available and affordable option out there. Here are other reasons to consider sticking with dial–up access:

  • Anyone who only uses the Internet to send and receive email doesn't have a huge need for high–speed access — particularly if they're online for just half–an–hour or so each day. Similarly, people who don't work on the Internet and who don't care to download streaming video or audio packages do just fine with the dial–up modem that comes built into their computer.

  • The latest software improvements could halve the time it takes for dial–up modems to log onto Internet. These same improvements promise call–waiting features that will allow users to put their connections on–hold while they accept phone calls and fax messages.2

  • Since a dial–up connection to the Internet is not "always on", you don't need to invest in firewall software to protect your files from hackers.

1Research from Gartner, 2000. Statistic originally appeared in PC, June 8, 2000.

2Greg Wright, Gannett News Service, March 2001.

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