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Digital Imaging Ideas for Small Businesses

A digital camera is an asset to almost any small business. You can use digital images to enhance your marketing, add professionalism to your Web site, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday business activities.

Would your business benefit from investing in a digital camera? To find out, consider some of the following applications for these professions.

Real estate agents

Fast photos for same day posting — Digital cameras enable you to take and print pictures of properties in just minutes. Post these pictures in your store front, Web site, newsletter, postcards, or send them over email. When printing, remember to use an inkjet color printer and photo–quality paper.

Tip: Use special modes — Some digital cameras have special effects, such as panorama mode, which can be used to capture the entire breadth of a property, and movie mode, which can capture short video clips to be posted on a Web site.

Landscapers, designers, building contractors

Improve your marketing — Capture digital images of your work and print them directly to postcards or brochures. Consider using "before and after" pictures for dramatic effect.

Post images on your Web site — Send digital images directly to your computer (via a USB cable) and post them on your site.

Special modes — Look for a digital camera with a panorama mode to capture broader sweeps of your work.

Event planners, restaurant owners, and travel agents

Improve your marketing — Capture digital images and print them directly to postcards, brochures, or menus.

Newsletters — Many professionals use email newsletters to notify clients (or potential clients) about their latest services. Digital images can be included in a newsletter to improve the overall presentation and to showcase your offerings (exotic destinations for travel agents, for event planners, a large corporate banquet, or, for restaurant owners, new dishes).

Insurance and legal professionals

For fast photos and archiving — With a digital camera, you can capture quick, on–site images and email them directly from a laptop computer to your home office. Digital images can then become part of a permanent case file.

Dentists and doctors

Improve your marketing — Print your own brochures or postcards with before–and–after images of patients.

Post images on your Web site — Many medical professionals have a Web site that lists basic information, such as street address or phone number. Improve the effectiveness of your site by including digital images of your work.

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