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Panel system

Ideal for: Offices that have large open spaces that need to be divided into separate work areas — or cubicles — by moveable walls. Perfect for growing businesses because the panels can be reconfigured in multiple ways to create various sized offices, from small telemarketing stations to larger office layouts. Panels can also be used alone as a privacy or security screen or as a mobile bulletin board.

Key features:

  • Panels are approximately 2" thick and about 61" wide and 60" high. Sturdy steel frames are coated with scratch–resistant, powder–coated gray paint and a color–coordinated woven fabric covering in muted shades of gray.
  • Can be used as basic office partitions or combined with connecting hardware (sold separately) to create cubicles of various sizes. Panels have bottom alignment plates and connectors for easy installation.
  • Fabric is tackable, so clips and hooks can be attached for hanging items on the cubicle walls. Most fabric is polyester and treated with a stain–resistant coating.
  • Look for acoustical panels designed to absorb up to 30% of office noise to create a quieter office environment.
  • Hinged 6" cover on bottom of panel neatly conceals electrical components and cables. Some panels feature cable management systems to keep computer, telephone, and other equipment cords separated and orderly.
What’s available: The panels also support work surfaces, overhead bookcases, storage cabinets, under–cabinet lights, and other accessories. The panel system furniture and accessories are sold separately and vary by the type of panel system purchased.

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301 Moved Permanently