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Seven Tips to Saving Money on Office Supplies

Outfitting your office need not cost a fortune. There are ways to get all of the things you need and still have money left over. The key is to be frugal, shop around, and to have a budget. Once you know what your fiduciary limit is, you will be far less likely to go over that amount. Try these tips and see if you don't save a bundle:

Buy in bulk

By buying commonly used items in large quantities, you may be able to save a lot. But beware — you might not need 48 legal pads!

Ask for a business discount

Businesses are a desirable client for many retailers. If you mention to them that you want to create a business account, you just might find that you will get a price break. Business customers often get a discount, and all you have to do is ask.

Buy last year's model

Furniture, computers, PDAs — there is always something new, which also means that there is always something old. If you wait until the end of the year, especially for an after–holiday sale, you can save a small fortune on your office needs.

Buy quality

Sometimes when you buy what seems like a bargain, you end up getting what you pay for. That computer at the factory outlet store is there for a reason, and probably one you don't want to discover.

Replenish your supplies before you run out

One of the best ways to spend a bundle is to wait until you run out of something, thereby necessitating an immediate run to the store. Thinking ahead, and thus buying ahead, gives you a chance to comparison shop and take advantage of sales.

Get all you can out of your supplies

For example, laser–printer cartridges can usually be cleaned and refilled a few times before you need to buy a new cartridge.

Buy online

Online stores are normally cheaper. Check out (or the Staples Office Supplies Clearance Center) for an example.

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