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Destress Your Desk Checklist

If your desk harbors mounds of papers, books, files and personal accessories, you may be adding unnecessary stress to your day. An organized desk — at school, home, or in your private office — will help you relax and become more productive. Here are some tips:

Limit the amount of "stuff" you keep on the desk top

Keep the items you use regularly within easy reach. Be reasonable about what you really need to keep out.

Don't go overboard with personalization

Too many objects add to the clutter and eat up valuable work space.

Use a daily planner

Use a daily planner Transfer all your notes and personal reminders to one, organized place.

Set up a good filing system

Color–coded files are especially helpful — they show you at a glance where something should go. Label all files clearly and make sure they are easily accessible to prompt you to use them regularly.

Keep the area under and around your desk clutter-free

It'll give you a feeling of greater control over your work environment, and that can translate to increased productivity. You'll also waste less time searching for things.

Organize your desk drawers

Organize your desk drawers Get rid of anything unused or unnecessary. Install drawer organizers. Hang on to only what you know you'll need.

Sort papers, mail, memos, etc., as they come in

Don't allow things to pile up. Put items that must be looked at in a special folder or file.

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