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Do It Yourself Direct Mail Checklist

The results are in — marketing experts give direct mail the stamp of approval. Done right, they say direct mail campaigns can drive traffic, build awareness, and generate profits for small businesses. Here are the supplies you'll need to help launch a successful campaign.

Specialty papers

Specialty papers Give all of your direct mail letters a polished and professional look with quality papers. Be sure to print proof–copies on every day paper to save a little money — and avoid typos.


Mail your letters in matching envelopes. To improve the chances of your letter being opened by recipients, avoid sending your message bulk mail—experts believe people are more likely to open mail with real stamps.


Printing hundreds or thousands of direct mail pieces will take some time. Consider a printer that offers both quality and speed.

Printer cartridges

Printer cartridges Don't let running out of printer toner delay your direct mail project. Keep extra toner on hand, and consider using color ink—people are more likely to remember information printed in color.


Add a little pizzazz to your direct mail pieces with desktop publishing programs that professionally format your message. Remember: don't overcrowd your pages.


A scanner makes including photographs in your direct mail has never been easier.

Business card scanner

Business card scanner Do you collect customers' business cards? Don't forget to send these customers your direct mail offer. Input all of their contact information in minutes — without spending hours typing names and addresses into your database.

Names and addresses*

Need some new names and addresses? Buy consumer and business prospect lists. Target your desired audience by geographic and demographic characteristics like gender, industry, age, and zip code.

Promotional products*

Ingratiate yourself with potential customers by including a promo product, such as a free magnet (stamped with your contact information, of course), key chain, or small note pad.


Stampers Quickly put your return address on every envelope. Make sure potential customers know how to contact you.

Blue pens

Industry insiders believe people respond better to sales letters signed in blue ink!

Postal assortment

Save money on postage by using a postage meter.

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