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Shopping Tips

There are a lot of similarities between and a Staples store. Both have a great product selection, everyday low prices and dedicated customer service.

But there are some differences too. At, for instance, your shopping cart can hold everything in the store if you want –– and shoes aren't required. But while the "no shoes rule" may make you more comfortable, we understand that a lot of folks would be even more at ease if they understood how to best shop online.

This section explains finding what you need, adding items to your cart, deleting items from your cart, changing quantities, your subtotal, ordering your cart/checkout and the order confirmation process. If you have any other questions or concerns about shopping online, please see our privacy policy.

Finding What You Need 
There are four ways to get to a product you want or need:
  1. go to an aisle from the homepage
  2. go to a general product category from the homepage
  3. search the catalog by entering a brand, model, name or specific item number
  4. click on a featured product photo
Adding Items To Your Cart 
You can add an item to your cart from a page featuring a single product or from a search results page that lists several products. Simply hit the add to cart button.

Deleting Items From Your Cart 
In order to delete an item from your cart, you must view the cart. After you hit "delete item," be sure to recalculate.

Changing Quantities 
In order to change a quantity of an item in your cart, simply hightlight the amount with your mouse and type in a new amount. Be sure to recalculate after you change the quantity.

Your Subtotal 
Your order subtotal will always appear under the search engine in the left navigation bar. offers free delivery on most orders if your subtotal is $75 or more.

Checking Out 
After you have everything you want in your cart you’re ready to checkout.

If you’re registered with us, you’ll need to:
  1. Confirm your registration information (shipping address, delivery information, etc.)
  2. Enter your payment information.
  3. Receive an order confirmation email.
If you've set up an account with us and decide to checkout at a later point, we will save your cart so you can come back to it at a later point.If you do not have an account with us you’ll have to register before you can checkout.

Order Confirmation 
After you order your cart, you will see a page confirming your order with the option to add to a favorites list. When your order is processed, you will receive an email confirming the delivery date and taxes.