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Network Solutions & Services | Staples®


At Staples, we work to ensure your network performs at an optimal level as your business evolves and grows.

Networking. The business backbone.

Every day, businesses are evolving and adding Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policies, addressing regulatory compliance, dealing with security vulnerabilities and much more. With every change or decision, there exists a potential impact to your network system.

Real-world experiences.

Our depth and breadth of real-world experience in large-scale environments enable us to assess, scope and complete projects efficiently. Our team of architects works closely with your team to determine the solution that best fits your company’s needs and constraints. After implementation, our array of support options ensures your solution is in good hands.


Network assessments.

Provides a thorough overview of your company’s security, stabilization, mobile technology vulnerabilities, regulation issues and other matters related to your company. Challenges and risks are identified, with safeguards recommendations provided.

Invoice Processing.

Network configuration dictates vital aspects of your work environment — efficiency, productivity, and scalability. If it’s not hitting on all cylinders, your system can impact something else — morale. Staples will design a network around business drivers unique to your company, from remote workers and wireless enterprise to server farms, routers, and more.

Staples® Security Services provides your company with:

Content equalization

Content filtering

Stop employees from visiting unsafe or unproductive websites with content filtering.

Shielded monitor


Prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware from sneaking into your network and causing harm.

Envelope checking

Email & spam protection

We’ll equip you with cutting-edge email that prevents threats from making their way into your inbox. You won’t have to worry about hackers trying to extract sensitive data and passwords from your employees.

Locked shield

Advanced firewall protection

Keep your company safe with a firewall that acts as your first line of defense. Threats will be stopped before they ever make it into your networks.

We Offer

Staples® Tech Services takes a holistic approach to ensuring your tech is protected and running efficiently.

Tech Support & Help Desk

IT Projects and Custom Services

Disaster Recovery


Records and Cloud Management