Getting organized for school: 5 things every student needs this year

Getting organized for school is key to setting up your busy student for success. As your kids are going from class to class and then on to activities, the right supplies can help eliminate stress, keep them on task and let them focus on really enjoying the experience. Here's a close look at five school supplies every student needs to help them stay organized this school year.

1. Binders

Binders are essential to help students keep track of their materials for different classes, and to protect them from wear and tear. Whether your student wants one large binder with dividers to capture handouts and notes from each of their classes or a personalized, color-coded system to keep track of different sets of information, binders are a critical part of staying organized. With the right system, it's easier to ensure key information is never lost and always easily accessible when needed.

2. Notebooks

You can never have too many notebooks for your student. With notebooks ranging from inexpensive single-subject books to leather-bound notebooks that stand the test of time, choose a personalized selection for taking notes in class, outlining assignments and creating drafts of papers before going online to complete them.

3. Academic planners

Even if your student uses a calendar or online to-do list, many schools recommend using an academic planner. An academic planner lets students map out their schedule, homework, upcoming exams, after-school activities and related notes in a single place. Planners also reduce your student's screen time. Following a set system in a written academic planner makes it easier for parents and teachers to check in, track progress and make sure students are planning their time appropriately.

4. Desk organizers

Your student has a busy schedule, and it's important to help keep their workspace streamlined with a desk organizer. When they sit down to study or work on an assignment, these all-in-one models make it easy to find supplies and file away notes and class handouts for later use. Most importantly, a clear workspace leads to a clear mind, and investing in basic desk organizers will help create an environment where it's easy to focus and learn.

5. Backpack

Once you've gotten your student all the supplies he or she needs to be organized and focused on their studies, get them a bag that can carry everything. Today's backpacks are optimized for computer equipment, notebooks, binders and other supplies. There are a variety of options, ranging from the latest superhero backpacks for your elementary school student to stylish leather, cross-body models for students heading off to college. From fashion to ergonomics, there are endless options for your student to find the perfect bag for them.