Innovative products invented by middle school students.
Take an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how Designed by Students products were made and find out more about the program.
When it came time to come up with innovative new school supplies, Staples went right to the source for inspiration - students. Because who knows what students need better than themselves? Along with design education experts, aruliden, we brought students from two middle schools into the design process to get their take on what kinds of products would help make the school day easier.
Two schools, 48 students and a one-of-a-kind collaborative design process resulted in a ton of incredible ideas to help simplify the school day.

With help from the product development team at Staples, over five weeks students were brought deep into the design process to understand every part of how products actually get made — and for a real client.

The students researched, ideated and even prototyped solutions to problems they identified as integral to their school day - from homework and lunch to lockers and organization solutions.

By collaborating in teams of 3, students were asked to dive deep and document their observations. They conducted surveys, visited stores, held interviews, analyzed competitors, and through their research began to identify the problems and start to frame a solution.
From their research the students developed their big ideas - a school product that met the needs they uncovered in their research. They then presented their ideas to the other students, teachers and Staples teams.
Staples' product development team spent weeks analyzing all of the student’s ideas. They were then interpreted, filtered and presented through product concept sketches back to where the original ideas came from - the students.
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