Back to School Specialists

A new academic year is on the horizon, and back-to-school trends are front and center. As students head back to the classroom, what are the hottest items gracing desks from New York to California and everywhere in between? From personalized, whimsical decorations to colorful school supplies that will make a splash, this year's lineup has everyone buzzing. Here are five trends that are sure to infuse fun and personalization into every student's learning space for the 2017–2018 school year.

1. Whimsical Whatnots to Personalize Their Locker: From a fuzzy, green-monster pencil pouch to a decadent locker chandelier, whimsical locker decorations are a hot trend this year. By personalizing their lockers, students always have a space to gather supplies and take a breather in between classes that truly feels like their own.

Whatever your student's aesthetic, it's possible to find accessories that add a splash of color, create practical value with choices like light-up mirrors, or simply make it easier to get organized. Help your student create a space that reflects their personality and gives them everything they need to succeed in school.

2. Emoji Mania: From a smiley face to a frown, your student can wear their emotions on their sleeve — or pencil case. Don't miss out on one of this year's hottest back-to-school trends: emoji mania. The most in-demand way to communicate remains visual, and that means emoji and cute kawaii characters are adorning this year's school supplies. From stickers and notebooks iPhone covers, your student can add a splash of fun and color to any back-to-school item. Look for fun options in writing supplies, backpacks, apparel and more — or go for flexible stickers that let your student brand any back-to-school item in a totally personalized way.

3. Old School, New Tools: Are your kids heading back to the same school? Keep things fresh and interesting with new tools. This year's essential school supplies have more character than ever before. From notebooks that feature movie characters and adorable pets to tape dispensers shaped like elephants, every element of your student's back-to-school setup can be fun.

4. Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation: Summer vacation may have ended, but this year's wild animal patterns and tropical prints are letting students carry the vacation feeling forward into the fall. Mix and match their favorite prints so that school supplies — from backpacks to notebooks — remind students of summer trips to the zoo or a big vacation to a tropical island. When every day feels like vacation, it's easier to tune in and really enjoy the learning experience.

5. Inspired Planning: Options for Every Personality: Staying organized is easy this year with a wide range of different planners. Whether your student wants a school-focused planner to keep track of their assignments or a sports planner to coordinate after-school activities, the latest options have you covered. Mini-planners, full-sized yearly planners and a variety of funky and artistic covers will keep your students inspired and organized.

From emoji-covered supplies to organization tools, this year's back-to-school trends are all about personalization, flexibility and bringing your lifestyle to school. Shop the latest trends now to find the perfect back-to-school supplies for your student. To see more of the latest new products and deals for back to school check out our weekly ad.