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Solutions & programs | easy button | Staples®

Solutions & Programs

We've put together solutions for your business that save you time, money and stress. Now, if only you could say the same for your commute.

The Easy Button®
The downloadable Easy Button; we haven't figured out yet how it can do your projects for you, but we're trying.

Staples® EasyTechsm
Finally, someone is making technology easier so you can concentrate on real work instead of PC issues. Our certified PC pros can handle all your technology needs right at your office or at any Staples® store.

Staples Rewards®
We know all about the gold star sticker on the forehead and the "You're #1!" T-shirt. We try to give rewards that are a bit more...ummm...rewarding.

Copy & Print Center
You make it, we'll copy it. Or print it for that matter. Either one, take your pick.

Staples Business Delivery®
Fast and FREE delivery on all orders of $50 or more. Easier workday, here you come.

Staples Advantage
For companies with 20 or more people, we actually customize your experience for you. It may not be magic, but it's darn close.
Staples® brand products
Staples® brand products
Through innovation and ingenuity, we're committed to making your life easier. Having said that, no. We cannot create a shoe-shining, shirt-pressing, lint-brushing stapler.

Easy Rebates®
Sick of getting paper cuts...on your tongue?! You can submit your rebates online to make them easy. And painless.
Staples® EcoEasysm
Okay, so we won't personally help you separate paper from plastic when you recycle at home. But we will help you make a difference with our eco-friendly products and services.
Secity by Staples
Security by Staplessm
Protect yourself from identity theft, Web threats and data loss. We offer an array of shredders, security software and storage solutions to help keep you one step ahead of the bad guys.
Certified Call Center J.D. Power and Associates