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Free PC to PC file transfer

Moving your stuff to a new PC? Easy.

Get a new Windows 7 PC from Staples at the guaranteed lowest price AND we'll move your files, photos, music and movies to your new PC. We'll even set up your email and bookmarks - part of over $300 in FREE EasyTech services.

FREE In-Store PC Setup
FREE Windows 7 & Microsoft® Office Online Training
FREE In-Store Data Transfer (files, photos, music, etc.)

Upgrade Your PC in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Buy a new
    Windows 7 PC
    and drop off your old
    one at Staples.
  2. We'll move
    your files to your
    new PC and
    set up your email.
  3. Don't pay us.
    It's FREE.

Transfer your files, photos, music and movies to a new PC. FREE.

Just purchase a new PC at Staples or buy one online and bring it to your local Staples store by May 28th.

FREE In-Store PC Setup & Data Transfer ($70 Value)

In-Store PC Setup
  • We'll download & install Windows updates
  • Install Windows Live® Essentials making it easier to create, connect and share
  • Set your browser to Internet Explorer® 8 or Internet Explorer® 9 and Bing™ as your default search toolbar
  • Set up your user accounts, access
    controls & passwords
PC Data Transfer
  • Photos, music & email
  • Browser settings & bookmarks
  • Documents & data
  • User accounts & system settings
  • Backup files you've created

Download Windows Live®

FREE Online Training ($230 Value)

  • Get 4 hours of training on the following two courses:
    • Microsoft® Office 2010 New Features
    • Windows 7 for Business Professionals
  • Make sure to ask an EasyTech associate to
    safely recycle your old PC.

    Learn more about Staples' price-match guarantee.