Cork Geoboard

Get your geometry on with your very own geoboard. Explore different shapes and angles using simple office supplies. Are you 110% ready for quality time with your kids? Let’s get started.
Recommended products:
  • Corkboard
  • Push pins
  • Rubber bands

  • Step 1:

    Line up 30 pushpins on a corkboard. 6 across. 5 down.

    Step 2:

    Use different colored rubber bands to form different geometrical shapes, as well as acute, right and obtuse angles.

    Step 3:

    Show off your skills on social media. Be sure to tag @Staples and use #110Ready.

    Recommended products:
    Quartet® Cork Bulletin Board, Oak Finish Frame, 17" x 23" $29.99
    Staples® Push Pins, Assorted Colors, 100/Pack $2.59
    Staples® Rubber Band Ball $3.29

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