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Staples BETTER® binders and dividers

Learn how you can make the most
of your space with removable FileRings.

See why BETTER® binders
stand up against your toughest days.

Built for life, guaranteed for life.

Staples BETTER® binders and dividers cover all your note-taking needs. Use the original
BETTER® binder for your day-to-day, the mini for on-the-go, or with removable FileRings for
easily storing your documents. Better yet, it's all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Staples BETTER® binders
and mini binders

Ultra-durable, ultra-versatile.

  • Flexible edges and easy-insert spine
  • Rings open easily and stay tightly closed

Staples BETTER® binder
removable FileRings

Organize all your files with ease.

  • FileRings detach to hang in any standard file cabinet
  • Use multiple FileRings for an easy organizational system

Staples BETTER® dividers

Divide and label your most important notes.

  • Durable plastic to withstand heavy use
  • Available in adjustable tab and fixed tab