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Closure Flap Seams Window Size Material Tint Special Features
Gummed envelopes require mosture to seal.GummedGummed envelopes require moisture to seal. Seals tightly and keeps contents secure.
Self sealing envelopes require no moisture, simply close flap to seal.Self-SealingSelf-sealing envelopes require no moisture, simply close flap to seal.
A Strip Removal envelope.Strip RemovalStrip removal envelopes require no moisture, simply pull the strip and seal.
Clasp envelope with durable double prong.ClaspClasp envelopes are made with a durable double prong for temporary closure. Reusable clasp with gummed closure for additional security.
Button and and String closure envelope.Button and StringButton and string envelopes are reusable. Some offer gummed closure for additional security.
Commercial-flap envelope.CommercialCommercial flap envelopes are the most commonly used flap for business envelopes. Great for auto insertion machines.
The traditional V-flap envelopeV-FlapV-flap envelopes have a traditional flap used for basic business envelopes.
A square-flap envelope.SquareSquare flap envelopes are traditionally used for envelopes with self-sealing or pull and seal closure. All catalog and clasp envelopes have a square flap.
A diagonal-seam envelope to hold bulky or heavy material.DiagonalDiagonal-seam envelopes provide extra-strong seams for bulky or heavy items. Generally found on all commercial and V-flap envelopes.
Envelopes with side seams allow easy insertion.SideSide-seam envelopes allow easy insertion of materials. Generally found on square flap envelopes.
An envelope with center seam for extra securty and strengthCenterCenter-seam envelopes provide extra security and strength. Generally found on clasp and catalog envelopes.
An envelope with a single, left window.Single, LeftStandard window envelopes have a single window on the left for mailing addresses. Fits standard formats.
An envelope with two (double) left windows.Double, LeftDouble-window envelopes have two windows on the left to display mailing and return addresses.
The Single, Right window envelope is typically used for various specialty forms.Single, RightRight-window envelopes have one window on the right. For use with insurance forms or other special forms.
Business envelopes.Business EnvelopesMost common sizes: #9, #10, #6 3/4, #8 5/8, Coin Size.
#10 envelope accommodates an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet folded in thirds.
A Large envelope.Large EnvelopesMost common sizes: 6" x 9", 9" x 12", 10" x 13".
9" x 12" envelope is perfect for 8 1/2" x 11" letterhead.
A sample Specialty Envelope.Specialty EnvelopesMost common sizes: A9, 4 7/8" x 5" and interoffice envelopes.
A9 envelope is most commonly used for invitations or greeting cards.
A White Wove material envelope.White WoveWhite wove envelopes are made of smooth, bright white stock. Available in 20 lb., 24 lb. and 28 lb. Generally used for commercial and catalog envelopes.
Tyvek is a durable material that provides an envelope's content with extra protection.Tyvek®Tyvek® envelopes are made from durable material that provides extra protection from punctures, tears and moisture.
A bubble-padded envelope.Padded EnvelopesPadded envelopes contain bubble padding or paper padding that protects important documents from damage during shipment.
Heavy-weight Kraft material envelopes.Kraft (Brown, White, Gray)Kraft envelopes are made with heavyweight material that protects against rugged handling. Available in 24 lb. and 28 lb. Typically used for catalog and clasp envelopes.
Manila is an extra heavy-weight material envelope.ManilaManila envelopes provide more durability. Available in 32 lb. Used for catalog envelopes.
A Natural Brown envelope made of 100% recycled/100% post-consumer chlorine-free stock.Eco FriendlyEco-friendly envelopes are made with 100% recycled/100% post-consumer material. Available in 26 lb.
Generally used for catalog and clasp envelopes.
A plain envelope with no inside printing.PlainPlain envelopes have no inside printing, commonly used to send letters, invoices, etc.
An envelope with inside printing and pattern design.SecuritySecurity-tint envelopes have inside printing with pattern design. Provides extra security and confidentiality.
Water-resistant envelopes.WatershedWatershed envelopes are made from uniquely formulated paper that resists moisture. Water-resistant material can be written on with pen, pencil and marker.
Envelopes made of recovered fiber.RecycledRecycled envelopes are made from paper that contains recovered fiber, which may be preconsumer and/or post-consumer

Business Envelopes

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Business envelopes are available in many different sizes and styles and are ideal for letters, brochures and checks.

#10 is the most popular size of business envelopes.

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Large Envelopes

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Large envelopes come in many styles, including clasp closure, Tyvek® envelopes and bubble mailers. Stay-flat mailers are also available. Ideal for packing and shipping items that require protection.

9" x 12" and 10" x 13" are the most popular size of large envelopes.

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Specialty Envelopes

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Specialty envelopes are available in numerous shapes and sizes and are ideal for document storage, specialty occasions and specific usages such as invitations.

Invitations and CD/DVD envelopes are the most popular size of specialty envelopes.

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