Filing Guide

Find the filing products that will best suit your needs. Consider the material, size and tabs when making your selection.


  • Smooth, smudge-resistant, buff-colored finish
  • Material resists tearing, folding and bursting
  • Heavier point thickness means a more durable folder


  • Natural brown material offers extra resistance to smudging
  • Good for active files

Pressboard & Poly

  • Durable material ideal for heavily used files
  • Available in an assortment of colors
  • Pressboard folders are usually accordion shaped for extra storage
  • Poly material is water resistant

Colored Stock

  • Distinctive colors are great for color coding
  • Smooth, abrasion-resistant surface

Interior Folders

  • Fits inside hanging folders
  • Tabs don’t extend above hanging folder

Standard Folders

  • Letter- and legal-size folders with tabs
    (9 1/2" high)
  • Letter-size folders are 11 3/4" wide
  • Legal-size folders are 14 3/4" wide

Guide-Height Folders

  • 9 13/16"-height provides good tab visibility above a guide or within a hanging folder system

Tab Positions

  • Left: all tabs on left
  • Center: all tabs in middle
  • Right: all tabs on right
  • Assorted: The most commonly sold style, features tabs on left, center and right

Straight-Tab Folders

  • Tab runs full length of folder
  • Ideal for files with long or multiple headings
2-Tab Folders
  • Tab runs half the length of folder
  • Ideal for files with long or multiple headings
3-Tab Folders
  • Tab runs 1/3 the length of folder
  • Most folder labels fit 1/3-cut folders

5-Tab Folders
  • Tab runs 1/5 the length of folder
2/5-Tab Folders
  • Tab runs 2/5 the length of folder
  • Uniformly positioned right of center at guide height

Straight-Line Filing
  • All folder headings line up straight for easy viewing by using 1 tab position
End-Tab Filing
  • Tabs run along the side of the folder
  • Used for open-shelf filing for speedy document retrieval
  • Typically used with color-coded labels


Single-Ply Tabs

  • Same thickness as the folder
  • Ideal for light use

Double-Ply Tabs

  • Twice as thick as the folder
  • Reinforced back panel along the tabbed edge for extra strength and durability

Folders with Installed Fasteners

  • Most types of folders can be bought with installed fasteners in any of eight different positions
  • 1-partition folders have 4 fasteners (parts)
  • 2-partition folders have 6 fasteners (parts)
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