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Tinfoil-Free Wireless Network Signal Enhancement Tips | Business Hub |®

Tinfoil-Free Wireless Network Signal Enhancement Tips

No need to try fancy tricks for getting a faster connection — just try this quick tip.

The days of putting foil on TV antennas may have passed, but let’s face it: sometimes we yearn for the simplicity of that strategy. Fortunately, when it comes to wireless signals, there’s no need to break out the food wrap.

Boosting a wireless signal can be as easy as changing the channel (and nope, not on the TV). Every router has 11 wireless channels, and most people use the default setting. But if your connection seems slower than it should be, playing around with channel options could be a route to better speed.

Specifics on channel-changing depend on the router manufacturer. Fortunately, many manufacturers have put helpful, step-by-step information online. For example, Belkin offers this guide for users who want to find a less crowded channel.

This strategy can be especially helpful if you’ve noticed your connection slows down during peak times — if you’re home, those times could be early evenings and weekends. That’s an indication that a channel is busy because of multiple wireless networks. In that case, simply hop onto a different channel.

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