What Kinds of Direct Mail Marketing Services Produce the Best Results?

Targeting customers through direct marketing is one of the easiest ways to encourage repeat business and entice new customers to work with your company. Direct mail services range from colorful fliers to email newsletters that go directly to your mailing list’s email inboxes.

Drive Your Brand Name Home

Direct mail services can reduce the amount of time and money your company spends on its advertising campaigns. While you might still want to run ads in newspapers or on television, marketing companies target the people you want shopping in your stores or buying services from your business. First you have to decide which direct mail products you want to send. Brochures, fliers, coupons and letters let you interact with past, current and future customers effectively.

Using the Right Products

The days of hiring traditional marketing companies to create your direct marketing are a thing of the past. With the newest forms of technology now available, all you need is a computer, a printer and ink or toner. Many direct mail companies let you email them the files and attachments, and then they create the final direct mail pieces for you. You’ll receive a file that you can print at home, in your office or using a copy center. Photo and document editing software even lets you create your own files and advertising pamphlets without hiring an advertising expert or hiring your own marketing department.

The Costs and Challenges of Direct Marketing

No matter your budget, you can develop your own direct mail services. Print shops can work with you to develop marketing services, including signs for your shop, bus and bench advertisements, and customer mailings, like letters and postcards. The biggest challenge in creating direct mail pieces is identifying your brand message. This is what gets customers excited about your products and makes them want to work with you. The trick is to personalize the message and use the right colors and wording. Using too many colors, exclamation points or wild fonts can be a deterrent. The last thing you want prospective customers to think is that your piece is junk mail! Asking your employees and others for opinions before you use any printed direct marketing services is helpful.

Direct mail services show past and current customers that you’re interested in their experiences and that you want them to remain loyal to your business. It also encourages new customers to try your products and services.

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