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Going Green with Green Cleaning

Small business owners should consider using green cleaning products to keep their places of business clean. It doesn’t take a lot of effort — just a change in buying habits.

That said, even though green cleaning isn’t a big shift in your behavior, you still should do a little research so you understand what’s involved.

What Makes a Cleaning Product ‘Green’?

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies clean just as effectively as regular cleaning products do. The difference is that green cleaning products are made with natural, nontoxic ingredients that are safe for the environment. Because they don't contain harsh chemicals, they’re less damaging to most surfaces — including surfaces that would be damaged by normal cleaning products.

In addition, eco-friendly cleaning supplies are typically free of ammonias and other chemicals that leave behind strong odors. They have a light, fresh scent instead of the sharp, chemical smell of typical cleaning products.

Using green products in everyday cleaning activities takes no extra time or effort. All you or your workers have to do is use the green products as you would regular products. For example, you can use recycled paper towels for all your cleaning needs instead of regular paper towels.

A Healthier Workplace

An additional benefit of green cleaning is that not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be helping to keep your employees healthy.

Regular cleaning supplies can contain petroleum-based substances and other toxic chemicals. On the other hand, green cleaning supplies are natural and safe to use. They keep your business clean and fresh without the risk of health issues.

Is It Worth It?

You may be thinking: Will going green with eco-friendly cleaning products and practices cost me more? Actually, it’s more affordable than you may think. In fact, many green cleaning supplies are items you may already have in the office (or at home). For example, a vinegar and baking soda mix is a great alternative to bleach as it can clean most surfaces when mixed with a little warm water.

The overall cost of green cleaning for you and your business will depend on which products you choose to use. Many hazardous cleaning supplies can be replaced easily, but having your cleaning staff integrate these products may incur a cost initially as they’ll need to purchase different cleaners to replace the ones they already use. That’s because while many green products are now available for roughly the same price as their regular counterparts, some are more expensive.

The good news is that while there may be an additional cost right away, there will likely be cost savings over the long term: Using green products can extend the life of your possessions because these solutions are easier on furniture, fixtures, and other decorations you may have in your office. Green cleaning will reduce the amount you have to spend on cleaning, which will lead to lower operating costs overall.

Plan Ahead

Changing over to green cleaning is not something you should do without planning ahead. However, if you do decide to make the shift, the transition should be easy and hassle-free.

Furthermore, giving your business a green public image may be worth any extra cost. Your customers will certainly appreciate that you’re focused on the environment, and your employees will take more pride in being a member of your team.

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