Meet the Most “Anti-Green” Technology in Your Office

It’s quiet and unassuming, but this machine may well be the most environmentally unfriendly item in your office.

Right now, it’s probably nearby, ready to serve you. Yet this common piece of office equipment can be an environmental villain by gulping down electricity and spitting out waste.

What is it? Your printer.

Although they’re often essential for everyday tasks, printers are usually far from eco-friendly. They tend to consume more power than people realize, since some printers don’t have “power down” settings, and most are left on during nights and weekends. This causes them to draw power even when they’re not being used.

And, using them creates more paper and that, in turn, can lead to waste. You don’t have to toss the printer to get green, though. Try these tips instead:

  • Limit color printing, since that uses more ink.
  • Use a printer that does double-sided copying to save on paper.
  • Print in “draft” mode to cut down on ink usage.
  • Recycle ink and toner cartridges.
  • Put the printer on a power strip, so you can turn it off quickly on your way out the door.
  • Buy a printer that’s earned the Energy Star rating.
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