This Little Green Thing Could Save Your Business, Big-Time

Ready to save some time and money? This little-known trick can boost your green efforts without cost or effort.

It’s time for your green checkup.

There’s a wealth of information across the Web (and we’re happy to provide plenty ourselves) about ways to “go green” by replacing lighting, buying more energy-efficient computers and reducing power usage. But how can you find out if all those strategies are actually working?

That’s where an energy audit comes in.

Many business owners skip doing these audits because they think scheduling might be a hassle, or that an energy company will try to sell them expensive upgrades to their equipment.

However, your local utility provider wants to see your consumption lowered just as much as you do, and they’re offering free help so you can make better use of your resources. Also, these specialists can recommend money-saving rebates that can offset any investment in new equipment.

Expert assistance and advice at no charge? That’s tough to resist. Call your local utility company and set up an energy audit, to start working toward a greener future for your business.

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