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Find Employees Online: Social Media Recruiting on LinkedIn | Business Hub |®

Find Employees Online: Social Media Recruiting on LinkedIn

Finding the right employees is essential for every business as the employees are a reflection of the company. But if the high costs associated with recruiting new employees have forced you to try other recruiting methods, LinkedIn may be one of your best options. Social media recruiting reduces some of the expenses associated with traditional recruiting techniques, making it very valuable. Learning how to use LinkedIn and other social media recruiting tools to find employees online will make you a more effective recruiter and help reduce expenses.

Recruiting with the Help of Social Media

Before recruiting on LinkedIn, create a company page that acts as a one-page Web site for your business. Write a brief description of your business and put it in the company overview section. When you publish your overview, it will list all of your employees in the LinkedIn network and highlight your most recent shared post.

Once you have filled out your company page, you can start searching for potential employees. Use the advanced search feature to find people who have specific skills and experience that relate to your job opening. When you identify potential applicants, read their profiles to make sure they have the right education and work experience for the job. LinkedIn also has a tool called SlideShare, which allows you to view documents and presentations that have been prepared by LinkedIn members. If your job opening requires heavy public speaking or presentation experience, this social media recruiting tool can help you find qualified candidates.

Social Media Recruitment Advances

After you identify prospects, you can contact them via the LinkedIn messaging tool. Write a short message with a link to the job posting on your website. If someone does not respond to your message, move on to another potential applicant. Another valuable tool you can use for LinkedIn social media recruiting is the ability to request an introduction. If you are connected to someone who has a connection with a candidate, you can ask your contact to make an introduction. Recruiting on LinkedIn saves a lot of time compared to the traditional way of contacting prospects via the telephone and hoping to receive a call back. Just make sure you’re using a reliable computer with a capable processor and enough RAM to support multiple tasks while doing your recruiting.

Dangers of Recruiting with Social Media

Now that you have connected with potential employees, schedule interviews with each viable candidate. Once you identify the one who is best for the job, use the LinkedIn reference-checking tool to verify the reference information listed on the candidate's resume. If the candidate's references check out, extend a job offer and wait for a response. If the candidate does not accept your offer, repeat the reference-checking process for the next candidate on your list. You should be aware that LinkedIn and other social media recruiting tools work best for recruiting professionals and managers. If you have a part-time job to fill, you may be better off placing a newspaper ad or using other traditional recruiting techniques. You also have to select your monthly plan carefully. LinkedIn offers three options for recruiters: Talent Basic, Talent Finder, and Talent Pro. These plans cost $39.95 per month, $74.95 per month, and $399.95 per month. If you only use LinkedIn to find one or two employees per year, you must decide which plan will give you the greatest return on your investment.

Using LinkedIn to find employees online can reduce the amount of time it takes to find the right workers, which will help reduce your recruiting expenses. Investing in social media recruiting strategies can even help you build connections with people who can assist in other areas of your business, making this type of recruiting worth the time and money you put into it.

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