Tips: Safe Web Browsing 101

The Internet opens doors to all kinds of worlds, but unfortunately, strangers can walk through those doors, too.  With some basic knowledge you can keep the information on your computer safe.

Don't make the mistake of believing your antivirus software will protect you from all threats! No program in the world can override the user if he or she wants to click on or install something new.

One popular email scam is known as phishing, which is email that appears to come from your bank or credit institution, and “fishes” for confidential information like account numbers and Social Security numbers. Always open your browser and type in the address of the bank manually, to be sure it connects to the correct location.

Some newer browsers block certain sites automatically with pop-up warnings that you may be about to open an infected website. Heed these warnings!

Even emails from your closest friends can be scams sent by a worm. If an email looks fishy to you in any way, always write back to confirm the source (in a blank “new message” window; don’t hit “Reply”) before you click on any links or attachments.

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