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5 Awesome Time-Management Apps | Business Hub |®

5 Awesome Time-Management Apps

Small business success often depends on making the most of your time, whether it’s getting that major project in, or trying to spare enough time to relax and recharge after a marathon marketing session. Here are five apps that can help you squeeze every last minute out of your day.

Anytime Organizer

The Any Time Organizer Deluxe time-management app includes 2,500 templates for calendars and to-do lists. You can program sticky-note reminders to pop up on your desktop, audio alarms that play your favorite songs, and text reminders that the program sends to your phone.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

If you’re a two-fingered typist, Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to dictate your papers through a microphone instead of tapping them out on a keyboard. The program is wonderfully accurate, and works with almost all Windows-based applications.


A free app compatible with Windows, Mac and cell phones, Evernote allows users to capture images, web clips and audio that can sync across multiple devices for quick, easy sharing.


Another free app, Mind42 is a mind-mapping tool that allows users to organize tasks, showing where and when tasks need attention.


If you spend time on Facebook or playing World of Warcraft, beware! RescueTime can be a rude awakening. The app runs in the background and analyzes how much time you spend on your computer every day.

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