Ultimate Windows 8 Guide

Exploring Windows 8 Secrets and Hidden Gems

Windows 8 is packed with features designed to make your computing life a little easier. In this article we share the best of the best.

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The Windows 8 Modern UI Just Wants to Be Touched

Windows 8 supports mouse and keyboard use, but the new tile-based Modern UI really shines when used on a touch screen.

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Windows 8 Features and Improvements

As is the case with any major operating system upgrade, there are a fair share of improvements and new features you will encounter when using Windows 8 for the first time.

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Windows 8: It's a Whole New Windows

It's go time for Microsoft and its completely overhauled operating system, Windows 8. Why should you care? Let our small business technology experts explain.

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Windows 8 Myths Debunked

Windows 8 has sparked a flurry of excitement, speculation and good, old-fashioned doom-saying. What’s real? What isn’t? We investigate.

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