3PL Ease: Choosing the Right Third-Party Logistics Company

If your company has a warehouse that receives and ships products, then a logistics company can be a huge help to you. Companies that handle third-party logistics are consultants. They help other businesses devise plans for all of the resources used between the point of origin and the point of destination, ensuring their workflow systems are as productive as possible. When you're looking for an outside logistics company to assess the way your business runs, it's important that you understand how using a consulting firm can help.

The Benefits of Using a Logistics Company

Using a logistics company to assess the way your business operates helps ensure that your productivity is at a high level. Before you choose a consulting firm, it's important to know what logistics companies do and how they can benefit your company. This way, you'll know what areas you want to focus on and what to expect.

A consultant from a logistics company analyzes your entire shipping and receiving process — from the type of shipping supplies you use, to your employees' responsibilities. This helps to determine where cost-effective changes can be made to increase your company's profits. Some of the benefits of using a logistics company include:

• Increasing your company's productivity

• Determining where you're spending too much money

• Lowering your overall cost of production

• Outlining your employees' job duties to ensure maximum productivity

• Determining if your warehouse is set up so that your employees are as productive as possible

Choosing a Company with the Right Technology

When you're comparing various third-party logistics consulting companies, it's important to know what type of technology is used when assessing how your company runs. As part of the consulting firm's assessment, they look at who your vendors are and how much you're paying for products. A good logistics company has the technology needed to find cost-effective suppliers worldwide and should be able to give you a variety of options. Some of the components that your consultant should look at when considering potential vendors should include:

• Production cost

• Materials used in production

• Flexibility

• Delivery time

All of these components will directly affect your day-to-day business operations, so you'll want to choose a logistics company that can provide you with the information that you'll need.

How Logistics Companies Save You Money

The cost of using a logistics consulting firm will depend on how much work the firm is hired for. Some business owners use one to assess the entire business operation, while others use third-party logistics companies to handle freight transportation or warehouse storage. Whether you want help handling the management of your entire supply chain or someone to manage your shipments, outsourcing the work can save you money. Best of all, when you use a logistics firm, you don't have to own your own trucks or own and operate an entire warehouse, which can be very costly.

Finding a good logistics company to help you operate your business doesn't have to be difficult. As long as you find a company that has access to good suppliers, the right equipment, and that knows how to effectively manage a warehouse, they can save your business money in the long run.

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