5 Great Apps for Young Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you want to stay on top of the hottest trends in the business world. Business apps for entrepreneurs can help you stay connected, manage employees and even run your business from your mobile phone or tablet. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can run your office from home or while on vacation. Check out these great apps:

Save & Share Files

You don't have a lot of extra money when you first start out, and you might find that you don't have enough memory on your computers to save all your work. The Dropbox app lets you use cloud storage to access any of the files on your computer from your phone. You can back up important documents and files, and then access them instantly.

Keep Track of Your Goals

NetworthIQ is the app you need when you dream of being the next Mark Cuban. It records your company's finances and lets you check your net worth. This app will even help you compare your financial situation against people in your age range. You're only a download away from discovering how you compare to fellow business owners and how far you are from your financial goals.

Skip the Scanner

Scanners can be bulky and sometimes hard to use, but it seems like every office still keeps one around. With great apps like SignEasy, you no longer need one. The app lets you view documents right on your phone, scan them, and send the finished product to the appropriate person or department. Scanners can easily cost a few hundred dollars plus the cost of paper, but this app does the same thing for free. You do need to check that your employees and clients use the same apps — otherwise you may find it difficult to transfer the information.

Jot Down Notes

One great app for the iPad is Paper by FiftyThree. This free app lets you turn your tablet into a virtual journal. You can save time and money by ridding your office of scrap paper and notebooks because the app lets you record notes. With additional services, you can even email and share your notes with others.

Get to Meetings on Time

Meeting with new clients and investors is a hassle if you don't know where to go. Robin is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs who prefer an Android phone over an Apple product. The app gives you directions, tells you where to park, updates you on traffic conditions, and even lets you check out the price of gas.

With these great apps, you can change your office and the way you think about business. Even better, these apps won't cost you a dime, and will save you money by eliminating outdated equipment from your office.

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