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5 Reasons to Use Décor to Enhance your Workspace | Business Hub |®

5 Reasons to Use Décor to Enhance your Workspace

Whether you run your small business from home or a remote office, consider using office décor to make your space a happier more productive place to work. Wall art, like paintings, photographs, and digital displays can do more than just brighten up your space. They also increase productivity, your image, and overall professionalism. Use art in your office to:

1. Set a Professional Tone

Wall décor can make the difference between an amateurish looking office to a professional one. That's why large corporations spend so much money on art and design. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a lot to make your office reflect your success. Choose prints of famous paintings and photos – when nicely framed, they elevate the tone of your office. Or, consider using high-tech wall art like touch-screens to display an array of images that can be easily changed. You could even mount a touch-screen to the wall and use it to display the date and time, weather, or even the stock market ticker.

2. Inspire Creative Problem Solving

Even if your company isn't a super-creative space, like a design firm or advertising agency, you still want your employees to think outside the box. To keep it professional, and fun, try choosing office decor with a modern bent and complement it with bold, bright colors. For example, modern framed art prints with an emphasis on orange can be complemented with a complimentary color on the door or window frames. If you want a quieter tone for your space, use classic impressionist paintings paired with neutral and pastel hues. And be sure to choose furniture and accent pieces that support your overall theme. However, you should still be careful not to overwhelm your space – leave enough empty wall space so that your office doesn't seem cluttered.

3. Impress Clients and Colleagues

Consider how your office appears when clients and business associates visit. Do they see a professional company that’s in control? If your office doesn't reflect your businesses capabilities, art is a good way to fix that. It shows that you think about your image and complete your work with class. Choosing office decor that aligns with your business type can be an easy way to select art for your office. For example, if you’re in the food service business, framed art prints of gourmet meals are a good choice.

4. Hide Imperfections

Use office décor to hide things like cracks or marks on the wall. If you have built-in storage, such as a wall safe, select artwork to hang over it. This is an economical way to manage eyesores in the office – just be sure to choose art that can be moved easily if you need to access what’s behind it.

5. Reinforce Company Values

Framed artwork depicting inspirational images or phrases can help you reinforce your company's values in a subtle but persuasive way. If your company is a nonprofit working toward a goal, office décor related to your cause can help uplift your employees. A family-centered company might encourage employees to decorate their personal spaces with meaningful family photos. And since images can be re-sized and printed economically, tailoring them to your budget and space is easy.

Whatever type of office décor you choose, you can find framed art prints and photos that are appropriate for your space, company culture, and budget.

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