Entrepreneur Inspiration 101

Some entrepreneurs get inspired by reading books and looking at how small businesses have succeeded, while others find inspiration by spending time with loved ones. As a new business owner, you can use your inspiration to create goals to grow your business and motivate others.

Finding Inspiration

Unfortunately, a perfect, fully baked idea or business plan doesn't always come easy. In addition to dedicating time to try to come up with an idea, it’s also important to keep track of thoughts you have throughout the day. Write down ideas — or even hints of an idea — that come to you when exercising, playing with your kids or just grocery shopping. You never know when inspiration will strike. Some business founders make the mistake of thinking they need to do everything at once, while taking smaller steps is still making progress toward your final goal.

Creating Business Goals

Without entrepreneur inspiration, it will be challenging to reach your final goal. Start by writing down a list of short-term goals you can easily accomplish within the next six months to a year. You might choose goals like increasing your sales by a small percentage, moving into a larger office or upgrading your business software.

Long-term goals are those you might not reach for years, but you'll feel like you're moving toward those goals every day by focusing on short-term milestones. Long-term goals can include expanding your workforce or doubling your total number of customers. Include your employees and investors in your goals, and find ways others can help you meet and exceed your targets.

Motivating Employees

While you may think the top companies in the world have a single person in charge, the biggest corporations have dozens of presidents, vice presidents and other supervisors who control different functions. A company can only succeed if each of these individuals is able to motivate their employees to do great work.  When determining how to best motivate your employees, other helpers and even your investors, keep the following tips in mind. You should never force your employees to do anything you wouldn't do, which often means pitching in when it comes to launching new projects. You can also motivate workers by explaining in detail what you need and helping them feel emotionally invested in the work. Let your inspiration fuel your drive to work, and that in turn will get your employees excited.

Inspiration Leads to Greater Things

You might find that the inspiration you feel when you first start your business doesn't continue to burn as bright as you build your company. But remember, entrepreneur inspiration is all around you, and can help you keep on track with your goals, motivate others and ultimately succeed in your business.

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